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The problem is most coaches have NO IDEA how to generate leads. The term PROSPECTING to many people means -- Going out and looking for or CHASING. Good lead generation is creating marketing messages and lead magnets that set you up as an EXPERT so your potential clients will CHASE YOU. The key here is ATTRACT -- NEVER CHASE.. Coaches need to create marketing that demonstrates an ability to solve a specific problem in the marketplace. This will cause people who need to solve that problem to reach out and ASK for help. Think of yourself as an emergency room doctor... People GO to the ER when they are IN PAIN and NEED HELP. THAT is the type of people you should be having conversations with. People who are in EMERGENCY ROOM PAIN.. If a person walks into the ER with a cut on their arm, are they going to ask the doctor where they went to school? How many times they have given stitches? how much the cost is? Too many people in this space are CHASING, sending COLD PMs to people, going for the sale too quickly, doing strategy sessions in the wrong way. You all need to be creating marketing content that sets you up as an expert in the marketplace. Content that people get value from. Content that helps people and demonstrates your expertise. This includes Writing posts Commenting Doing FB LIVES on your personal page and in your group Constantly offering to help people FOR FREE Creating lead magnets to give away Creating a private Facebook group


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