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Do this if you want to start making money today... Many of you get bogged down with a ton of ideas and to-do lists thinking you need to have everything perfect before you make an offer. This is wrong and will always hold you back from making money as a coach. The simplest way to get started with making money today is by offering a 1on1 coaching package It's as simple as saying "Hey, if you're struggling with ______, I can help." And then tell them about your 1on1 coaching program. This can be 4 weeks or more. Get started with something - charge at least $100 per hour if you're just starting out (of course you can charge more) and make the offer. Let them say yes or no. You have people in your network right now that you can make an offer to for 1on1 coaching. I got started the same way. Don't make things more complicated than they need to be. Being a coach is amazing. We get to help the people we want to help. But if you're not making money doing it you don't have a business. Keep things simple and offer your 1on1 coaching package today. Allow yourself to build as you go. That will be the fastest way for you to start making money as a coach. P.S. If you'd like to get personalized guidance and a step-by-step method to help you sell your 1on1 or group coaching, click the link in the first comment below 👇 1st comment is: Click here for personalized help and a step-by-step method to help you make your first $100K as a coach:


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