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$909,126,315 in profitable advertising/copywriting. Would you like to see what it looks like? I can still remember how excited I felt when I first discovered Claude Hopkins. Heck, I STILL feel that same thrill when I find one of his long-lost ads that I’ve never studied before. Out of the 108,000,000,000 (billion) people who have ever lived on earth, he’s the one copywriter remembered to this day as the “Advertising Immortal”. - It’s been said that… “What Dickens was to the traditional novel, what Picasso was to modern art, what Elvis was to rock ‘n’ roll, Claude Hopkins was to advertising… As Dickens was born to write, Picasso to paint, Elvis to sing, Hopkins was here on earth to sell.” His life’s work resulted in the equivalent of $909,126,315 (million) spent in profitable advertising to amass fortunes for his clients and himself. And it’s within reason to claim that no other man has persuaded so many… to buy so much… for so long. - >>> The latest project at Copy Legends was built to capture his life’s work. It’s known as the “Legendary Ads Vault: Claude Hopkins Collection”. Inside, you’ll be given the single largest “Swipe File” of high-converting ad copy of its kind in existence, including: +1,621 unique ads… + 7,606 total headlines… + 15 full-length brand campaigns... + Clear, legible, sourced, & dated in chronological order... ...all written by Claude Hopkins. - Click the link now to see why this one-of-a-kind master collection provides exactly 24,073% more value than the next best option:


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