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Marketing agency owners, do you have your shit together? Here’s a quick checklist... A way to generate appointments consistently - you’re not 100% referral and live or die by your client deciding to go to the bar saturday night and tell one of his business owner buddies about you. You have a system for fulfillment that gets campaigns at least 95% of the way there without you. You’re not doing different stuff for every client & you have a documented process. You have at least some resemblance of a niche - you work with one type of client with one service offering. You have at least one VA SOMEWHERE in this process even if its just admin work for now. You have a system for retention and some sort of back end to ensure your clients get results & stay. You’re tracking daily productivity within your organization. How many sales calls did you take last week? Last month? How many people saw your ads? Booked? No showed? How much out reach do you do? How many offers have you made? If you don’t know that stuff you don’t know where your growth bottle neck is! If you’re doing all this then chances are you’re in the top 10% of agency owners, if you’re not then these are some things you can start looking at to get there. There’s no hack or trick to this shit it’s simply putting on your CEO hat and not thinking like a cheeto wielding basement internet solopreneur.


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