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Taylor Swift got on myspace and STUDIED posts. She paid a lot of attention to what people were talking about and WROTE SONGS based on the content. She wrote enough songs for 2 CDs. Her dad worked at Merrill Lynch and was successful. He hired a former DJ / Radio manager to manage her. He paid this guy $80,000 a year plus benefits to get her career off the ground. Her manager got her a record deal but more importantly, he had the ability to get her music played on the radio because he had many big contacts in the industry. This also helped him in negotiating bigger venues for her to play in. She never had to do the bar circuit or really small events. She went from ZERO to $4 million in only 18 months. Her manager, Rick Barker, turned her over to a bigger group who could take her to the next level. Maybe CAA I think. ---- Then, the manager started getting calls. FROM BANDS... AND RECORD LABELS.... They all wanted to work with him. One label said we want to hire you as a consultant and we will pay you $100,000 to find us artists. --- He had to put the guy on hold and look up CONSULTANT on google. He did not know what a consultant was. He now makes millions of dollars getting paid by both LABELS and BANDS. He told this story a few years ago at a Jay Abraham event.


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