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When I started coaching, I made $5000 in 4 days and I did it with... No email list No website No private facebook group No youtube channel No business cards No affiliates No Facebook Ads And no webinars I did this by identifying people with problems and OFFERING to help them for FREE with STRATEGY SESSIONS... On the strategy sessions, I did 3 things.. I LISTENED I asked SMART QUESTIONS I GAVE ideas and solutions (I did not hold back anything) If the fit was right, I made a SOFT OFFER.. (would you like me to help you with that) If the fit was not right I gave them 3 things that they should do NOW to get to the next level. This simple system led me to over 150 strategy sessions and over 60 clients. Without being even the least bit pushy. I did not even make an offer to many of them and many had to ASK how to GIVE ME MONEY. Do not WAIT until you have built the thing. Start helping people and build it as you go. Manny Talavera (CF group)


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