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4 simple steps to crush it with your Productivity! 1. If you are procrastinating, find the FIRST thing that needs to be done. One of the reasons people procrastinate is that the whole job or task is HUGE and overwhelming or just not fun. Breaking it down, and doing the first thing, gets you into it and on the way. The following steps are not as hard when you have already STARTED. . 2. If you have something particular that you are having problems even starting on because it's not fun (but necessary), write down the task, set a kitchen timer that actually ticks out loud, for 15 minutes and do nothing but start that task. Do not do anything else until the timer rings. Draw a tomato (like the timer or something else to keep track of how many units of time you are using) and set it again. Before you know it you have 4 tomatoes and one hour into your task. Now, you are well into the task or project. . 3. Don't make everything you do as important as everything else. Write down the THREE things you need to do each day to move the needle. Put the others on the back burner till those are done, unless it's important systems work that just needs to be done. . 4. Batch and Time Block when you do things. For instance, if you are writing social media posts, set aside time to do a few at once. Don't go back and forth in between other work. People are far more productive if they do time blocking and batching the work they do. Your brain takes time to focus and refocus every time you switch tasks. Also, try and respond to emails and social media messages and texts in batches. Unless, you have a business where you need to see things right away. . The bonus is that you feel less tired and ragged at the end of the day if you reduce the back and forthing with multi-tasking. . There is SO much to optimizing productivity, but even if you do these 4 things, it will shift enormously.


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